Ayahuasca: DMT and Harmala, Ayahuasca and Chacruna, Vine and Leaf, Yage!

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Ayahuasca: DMT and Harmala, Ayahuasca and Chacruna, Vine and Leaf, Yage!

For me this brew is personal. It’s stories though profound are each our own. Each experience is different. Some are powerful and invoke fear, yet others are gentle and allow us to dream. And yet in some ceremonies we purge in ways we previously did not know were possible? Some drink this brew to seek spiritual guidance, others seek relief from addiction yet others ask for disease to be cured. How does one speak of all this tea is capable of? Is it just a Dream? A hallucination induced by DMT with no other benefit than getting high? Or a natural chemical produced by the body at the time of death used as a spiritual tool and extracted from plants to help the mind see and the body heal? Two very different perspectives to just one (Actually two) psychoactive compounds. Harmala (MAOIs) is also psychoactive in large quantities.

DMT Molecule

I have drank Ayahuasca (Yage) many many times and yet each time is my first. How can one write about something which contains infinite knowledge? Or perhaps this brew contains no knowledge at all? Maybe this brew only acts as a key to open channels, or neural pathways in the brain with each drink expanding one’s cognitive abilities? Right? Perhaps the opposite? Does the Taita/Shaman/Maestro/Curando/Ayahuasquero invoke spirits? Do ancient spirits awaken inside of us? Making us capable of more? Or is this brew simply opening neural pathways to memories of past, present and future? Maybe this brew is capable of healing disease and awakening one’s spiritual self? Maybe it is just a concoction some old guy brewed in a pot in the backyard and he wears a title like Superman does when he serves it to make himself feel important? Or maybe these medicine men of the jungle actually connect with these plant spirits and they also bring their medicine through this brew?
Magic? A Drug? A Plant? Healing? Medicine? Many names, many titles, many beliefs. All perspectives hold some truth…

Harmala Molecule

Don’t fear what you don’t know. And yet remember that what you do know is only one perspective away from changing.

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