Healing Addiction to Crack Cocaine with CBD Isolate: Cannabis Cures

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CBD Isolate and Cannabis Used to Heal Addiction to Crack Cocaine?

Working with addiction and treatment is a passion of mine. Working with CBD is a hot topic in the world today as it is a plant medicine that has just been reintroduced to the market. What is Cannabis? Is it different than Marijuana? CBD, THC, CBDa, THCa, Terpenes, Isolate, Distillate, Cannabinoids, Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds, what is all this about? I am not going to answer many of these questions in this article but I am going to introduce you to a concept I have been working on with, Direction of Hope in Santa Marta, Colombia. If you are interested in contacting me to find out more about this or other plant medicines I am working with please contact me at [email protected]. If you are living with Addiction, Cancer or Aids please contact me at [email protected].

At one time I was addicted to Crack Cocaine and the lifestyle that came along with dealing drugs. At some point I will write the book but for now the rest is on a need to know basis. Actually my story is unimportant. What is important is you know I have been there. If you want to here some stories I will release the book after my kids are full grown and they all agree they are ok with the world knowing who their father was. I have since dedicated my life to healing myself so that I can truly enjoy the life I choose to surround myself with. Doing this with intense passion has attracted many others to work with and beside me with a common goal. To heal oneself so that we can truly enjoy life. My motto at one time was, “I will try anything twice” to now my life’s motto is, “Simplicity”. Enough about me. You can read more about me online here and plenty of other places online.

CBD is Cannabinoid and is Non-psychoactive

How can one use CBD to heal from Crack Cocaine addiction? CBD Isolate is just one tool that can be used to help others heal themselves and therefore heal addiction. That is right. I help people heal today from Crack Cocaine with what was previously considered a drug by your government (CBD). CBD is one Cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant that most governments now agree is deemed safe to use as a plant medicine. This Cannabinoid (CBD) reportedly has no psychoactive properties. As a Plant Medicine Specialist I disagree and below I show you why.

CBD Isolate in Crystal Form
CBD Isolate in Crystal Form

CBD isolate is the product of a process that extracts 99.98% pure CBD from the Cannabis plant. The remaining is a mixture of other plant particulate. Now the exciting part about this level of purity is the fact the pure CBD has a distinct crystalline structure that causes it to form into a rock like shape very similar to Crack Cocaine. This CBD Isolate is also translucent in color just like high quality cocaine.  So you might begin to see where I am going with this. This similar looking substance (CBD) is used to replace the previous substance (Crack Cocaine) in a matter of days, and here is how it can be done and why CBD can help cure Crack Cocaine addiction.

I am going to leave out some parts of the healing process as they do not pertain completely to this discussion. What I am leaving out is the process of dealing with underlying traumas, pain and causes of us using in the first place. What I am discussing here is replacing the habit of using Crack Cocaine and the attached benefits of this new healthy behavior. These two processes combined with another plant medicine, Ayahuasca have offered amazing results in a small number of participants in treating their Crack Cocaine addiction. These services as well as a Discreet, Simple and Effective Online Holistic Addiction Therapy is now available. You can find out more at www.EricShirk.com.

So working in addiction is a thankless job and I love it. Addiction took a lot from me and it has offered me gifts. I can’t compare the two as I lost some pretty important parts of my life. What I gained though I hope one day attracts that which I lost. We can’t live in our past, tomorrow has yet to arrive, all we have is today. The gift in living this way is that everyday is a rebirth. We are who we identify with today. Am I a husband, a father, a boss, an employee, a man, a woman, a hero or a zero? All are just labels we attach meaning to and our identity. When we live in today we don’t wear titles or identify with what they mean. We offer ourselves foregiveness as well as those that might have caused us trauma. We don’t seek foregiveness for the actions we made yesterday. We simply honor ourselves today by living by a standard of perfection. We are human, we are not perfect or we would have attached ourselves to the word god? By living in today we simply strive to achieve this by making choices that always are for the greater good, honoring ourselves and loving all those around us without judgement. In other words we keep life simple.

Not everyone will agree with my approach to life or addiction. That is ok as I don’t attach to your feelings of me. I do however listen to other opinions of what I do so that I can offer and even better version of myself. So go ahead and leave feedback. All kinds are appreciated. I use your feedback to help become a better version of what ever you choose to call me.

“Curing Addiction Is Not The Goal. Addiction is the Behavior We are Replacing. Happiness is The Goal.” ~ Eric Shirk

To begin this program you are offered a crack pipe. Yes, you read that right. We start off by dealing with your biggest fear. The evil you have been unable to concur. Why? Because it is just a habit you picked up trying to cover some other crazy reason for using. That thing I called trauma earlier. For some it is a bad childhood memory, for some a memory that is locked away, yet for others it is much more subtle and could be from years of self abuse. We deal with that once we stop numbing ourselves and after the headaches and withdraw symptoms subside. Often times offering these individuals love and appreciation they haven’t been offered in some time. Giving these individuals a gentler introduction to healing. We wait to inundate you with knowledge until you are ready for it. Mind you I said I offer a pipe, I said nothing yet about the substance we offer to smoke from it!

CBD Isolate. A beautiful translucent crystalline cannabinoid that vaporizes around the same temperature as Crack Cocaine, with a little added know how one can even get it to snap, crackle and pop like Crack Cocaine. As we both are doing this tried and true and overly familiar behavior I am talking about how CBD helps with inflammation in the brain as you just stopped using Crack Cocaine. Your brain is about to swell and cause discomfort. But not so much with this CBD. This rock like replacement is not only helping us replace a bad habit and behavior, but it is going to help us get through the pains of withdrawing from crack cocaine over the next week or so. Along with some gentle yoga and some short guided meditations we offer a gentle introduction to rehab. We find our clients come to us not ready to heal, so we help them by offering them a beautiful environment, peaceful energy, a quality staff and hope.

Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

Now you might say well why use a crack pipe? I agree, and we only use it for a day or two. Once I have heard their horror stories and we begin to open up I share my vaporizer. I use a Puffco Peak as it was rated highest this year by HighTimes Magazine. A publication many of my clients are familiar with. So when I offer my Puffco Peak as a replacement to the Crack Pipe it is an easy decision to put the pipe down. They continue to vape CBD, but I leave never to return with that dreaded pipe. In a matter of just a few days the individual has lowered his tension, told me their entire life story (not just the bullshit they normally tell their therapist) and my client has 4-7 days clean by that point. Within a week I am looking at my client and showing them that we have yet to discuss any method on how we are going to heal his or her addiction and already they have replaced one behavior. For most of my clients when they come to me they would tell you they have struggled to have one or two days clean let alone a week. I now I explain to them that they did all the work themselves. I simply offered them a choice.

Imagine that moment as a self-identified addict when you realize you made a different choice and it was effective in a matter of days. Not by muscling your way through detox or in a 30 day program, but with a plant that makes your symptoms easier to manage. It works that easily and that quick. Seriously.

After another week of this and several treatments we offer 3-4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies. This is another plant medicine that is used in South America. This medicine helps us calm the nerves in the brain that sometimes continue to seek the stimulation or numbing effects of the Crack Cocaine. We take 7-10 days to learn about Ayahuasca and how it works within us to heal. We work with a Taita that has been working with this plant medicine his entire life. This ceremonial space also offers us another benefit we incorporate into this healing process. A diet that allows us to consume mostly plants. Not vegetarian or vegan. Some meat is allowed but our relationship with food in general changes significantly.

We teach and show our clients the value of offering our bodies good quality food. In fact food in my world is synonymous with the word medicine. Food is our medicine. Plants are our food. Therefore plants are my medicine and my food.

If you want to learn more contact Eric today at [email protected] or book a free consultation below.


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