Healing From Addiction is a Process, Not the Goal. The Goal is Happiness.

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“Healing is simply a path I share with you. If you choose to follow this path it leads one to find happiness.” ~ Eric Shirk

Being one of the many that has been offered the label of an addict I offer others these words of encouragement.

Far too often I see others setting the goal of perfection or as the word that makes my ears cringe, abstinent. After all, you didn’t get screwed up in 30 days, what in the world makes you think you will become perfect in the next 30 days? To you that want to promise yourselves daily progress, achievable goals and happiness I have something to offer you.

Addiction has traditionally been handled through a 12 step process. For many this process has provided short term relief, but also requires its followers to attend daily meetings where they in turn label themselves as an addict or alcoholic and proceed to tell a story about their use and subsequent success by not using drugs or alcohol. I was one of many that tried the rooms but because I never truly dealt with my demons in my past, of course I relapsed. But because I felt like I failed myself and those that supported me through the process of attending a 30 day inpatient rehab I felt embarasseed to tell anyone.

Basically what I did was dig the whole a little deeper. The trauma I hadn’t dealt with reared its ugly head once again and I went to a place where I was familiar during those times, I numbed myself with drugs. After all, everyday I still labeled myself as an addict and told a group of strangers in the basement of the church my story. The shoe fits? Right?

So this way obviously does not work. The statistics show that about 5-10% of those that attended a 12 step rehab will stay clean the rest of their lives. I am no professor but I can’t think of anything else in my life where a 5-10% success rate is acceptable? Even the Placebo effect when testing the effectiveness of new medications has a 10% effective rate. So a sugar pill is just as effective as a month in a 12 step program?

“Holistic medicine focuses on the relationship between the Mind, the Heart and the Gut. When these three systems are in balance, addiction is no longer the issue.” ~ Eric Shirk

I am not here to bash anyone’s program that is working for them. In fact I encourage those that have had success in other programs to post below. The 12 step program was the only option for me at one time and might have saved my life, but I will tell you that I relapsed then found a better way. A simple and effective way to heal from addiction.

1. Though addiction effects the brain, ultimately using drugs is a behavior in which we would like to modify or replace.

2. We used the first time because a buddy offered us a potential good time. We continued using as a coping mechanism to a deeper rooted issue or trauma.

3. We focus our effort on healing the trauma and creating new thoughts which I help my client turn into repeating behaviors that are enjoyable. Simply to replace the old habit of using.

4. We set an expectation that in the event you feel the urge to use. Call me or someone you trust and tell on yourself. Kind of like a meeting in NA or AA but without all the drama. We simply tell on ourselves. No judgement.  I don’t expect you to be perfect. I expect you to want to be perfect.

5. We create healthy boundaries around everything in your life. Not just drugs and alcohol. At one time I used Crack and yet never once did a crack pipe magically appear in my mouth. I made that choice. I help guide my clients to only accepting positivity and growth into their lives.

6. With boundaries comes the self confidence to keep those boundaries. For many this is the true addiction. The addiction to the pain. I identified with my pain or my trauma. Letting go of your ego, then allowing yourself to offer your old self compassion is vital. This is what we will spend 99% of our time discussing in Holistic Online Addiction Therapy. Regardless of how the story was written, David did not all of a sudden grow a sack to go and fight Goliath. David had an army of people that instilled in him his value. He might have held fear, but he had the love, appreciation and admiration of others that enabled him to conquer his fear and defeat Goliath in battle.

This is exactly how I approach addiction with my Online Holistic Addiction Therapy Program at www.EricShirk.com.

Asking for Help is the Hardest Part. That is Why I Offer Discreet, Simple, yet Effective Online, One on One Meetings.

For those of you out there looking for help I offer you a system that worked for me. It has worked for others. It is a process of compassion and understanding for oneself and allowing oneself to move past the trauma or underlying cause of his or her addiction.

I work with individuals that have completed a thirty day program to help them take the skills they learned and transform those skills (tools) into behavioral patterns that are easy for my clients to replicate in their lives. We challenge ourselves to move past the trauma and we find success in the process each and every day.

It is your life to live. Make the time to have a consultation with Eric to discuss your options. Sign up below.

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