Online Holistic Addiction Therapy? Can this benefit me?

Online Holistic Addiction Therapy

“Online Holistic Addiction Therapy is Discreet, Simple and Effective.”

Chances are that if you are reading this you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and you are looking at some options to heal. Sound about right? Why are you even looking at online holistic addiction therapy? Is a holistic lifestyle the right choice for you? Have you tried other methods to heal from addiction and they haven’t worked? Are you just looking for the best online addiction treatment options? Regardless what brought you here, I will attempt to explain the benefits of what we do for our clients and how they then help themselves heal from addiction.Online Holistic Addiction Therapy

Every addict has that day when they decide they need to quit using. I was one of them. And if you were like me we didn’t have that thought just one day, but many days we carried that thought with us. Do you agree? Life sucked or more accurately we let life be sucked out of us. My holistic healing practice focuses not just on the behavior of addiction but the root cause of the addiction which in most cases is trauma. We do not just discuss trauma though. Many of my clients also combine physical movement and music in their therapy. Art and crafts are also tools we might use if these methods of healing resonate with you. Using activities we are passionate about lets us find the life we love again. Just one of the many tools we might use to free ourselves from addiction.

Direction of Hope is a holistic approach to healing disease I created while healing from my own addiction over the last 4+ years. This is a program was designed to help the individual heal the mind, the heart and the gut. This practice allows us to focus on each of these body’s systems as we know that none of them work independently. When we heal these three systems and get them in balance it is possible to heal ourselves of all disease. Direction of Hope is a program that I am opening up to those suffering from Addiction, Cancer and or HIV/Aids. We are open to discussion with other practitioners and those looking to discuss options. Please contact Eric for more information.

When our mind is healthy we dream, when our heart is healthy we fall in love and when our gut is healthy we offer nourishment to our physical body and in return we are rewarded with a healthy body. When we balance all three we find that manifesting our dreams becomes our reality, we find that love surrounds us and our physical bodies become healthy and strong.

“Invest in Yourself, not just in Addiction Treatment. We work together to create success in all aspects of your life.” ~ Eric Shirk

Online Holistic Addiction TreatmentWithin this Online Holistic Addiction Therapy program we assist the client in unlocking and dealing with underlying mental and physical traumas by offering love, support and compassion. This is done in one on one video sessions where we discuss and work on dealing with trauma with innovative holistic techniques. Some respond better to verbal communication while others respond to more physical movement. We discover together what works for you. Though we use many practices you’ll find written in many textbooks, we base your treatment and the time we spend together on discussing what works, what hasn’t worked and what we are going to work on till we talk again next. No textbooks required. We get real which gets you the results you desire.

Working on these three systems is best done by offering compassion to ourselves. One way to do that is by hiring a coach like Eric that knows where you have been and is walking beside you everyday with a similar goal, to live a happy life. Online holistic addiction therapy is about finding our own self value and believing in our own value. Eric shares his techniques to seek true self acceptance and appreciation for one’s own self. When this self-realization and self-confidence is achieved our previous issues with addiction often disappears. Making an investment in yourself with a  coach like Eric gives you a better chance at success. Why wait?

A holistic practice includes all the ways we nourish our body. We discuss the vital role of the food we consume, the situations we put ourselves in, the people we surround ourselves with and the daily practices we do to honor ourselves. We touch on each of our senses and how we nourish them to find balance. Don’t fear. We progress at your pace. You will see that quickly our focus turns from your addictive behaviors to these new behaviors that offer you success. The system is simple to follow, and the great this is our goal isn’t just freedom from addiction. Our ultimate goal is happiness. 

Our holistic approach to healing addiction focuses on healthy habits, thoughts and practices rather than seeking a cure to symptom. When we achieve a healthy mind, heart and gut we no longer own trauma or the fear it induces. Therefore we have no need for the behavior of addiction. In the end we see that addiction is not what we are trying to actually trying heal. Addiction is the behavior we replace. Happiness thereafter becomes the goal.

Are you ready to start healing today? Have more questions? Schedule a consultation with Eric today below.

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